Delivering the latest WiFi and DAS technology to commercial and professional spaces

We design wireless networks that operate uniformly and reliably throughout large spaces, across floors, and across entire campuses. We render signal strength readings and locations throughout your facility, eliminating weak spots to improve connection, and allowing for the optimum deployment of WiFi networks.

We can also set up guest access that connects visitors to internet while isolating them from your internal network, and we install numerous bands to your network to avoid density issues across the wireless environment. With the WiFi mobility afforded to your laptops, tablets and smartphones, you can streamline your organization’s processes and improve productivity.

Historically, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) have been used to carry wireless cellular signals for common use, as well as for first responder signals. However, with new fire and life safety codes being adopted, a separate DAS for first responder signals has become a requirement for in-building communications.

Regardless of your communication needs or challenges, Frischhertz can design and implement customized, modern WiFi and DAS solutions for you.

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