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Xavier Convocation Center
Xavier Convocation Center

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Project Description
The new Xavier University Convocation Center was opened on November 3, 2012. The Convocation Center is more than 93,000 square feet and has a seating capacity of 3,500 and replaces "The Barn" which opened in 1937 and had a seating capacity of 1,300. The new Convocation Center can be reconfigured for many types of events. A state-of-the-art scoreboard system includes 4 LED displays providing live and recorded video. The Electrical Construction cost were approximately $3.8 million dollars. Construction began in April 2012. Manning Architects designed the facility, and the General Contractor was handled by Landis Construction Co., LLC. Frischhertz Electric was proud to be part of the team in making the Xavier Convocation Center a reality.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Project Type
Convocation Center


General Contractor

3.8 million

Major Electrical Components
dimming, lighting, sound, scoreboard