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Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters - Federal City
Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters - Federal City

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Project Description

Major electrical Components

- Two (2) 1250KW Diesel Emergency Generators – These generators feed paralleling switchgear distributing emergency power to Ten (10) large Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).

 - A very large Secure Raceway System and Secure Cabling - This raceway system needs to be run-exposed and a daily hand-over-hand testing procedure is conducted to confirm that it has not been compromised.

 - Indoor Lighting - All lighting in the building is tied into a control system that has energy conservation in mind (LEED Points). This is accomplished primarily with motion detector switching.

- Perimeter Site Lighting - This complex has over one hundred (100) light poles. The perimeter light poles have dual systems. The first system provides site lighting controlled by photo sensors; the second system provides security lighting. These lights provide continuous lighting along the perimeter fencing and are controlled by the push-of-a-button in the Post 1 Security Center.

Description of Work
Under the base contract, Frischhertz provided three (3) 3000 Amp, 480 volt services to three (3) main switchboards on the 1st floor of the building (building divided into three (3) sections). Additional switchboards vertically fed electrical rooms on floors 2, 3 & 4 that were stacked. The tele-communication rooms for both secure and non-secure systems have the same type of layout.

Frischhertz provided distribution raceways and cabling (Power, Lighting – Telecom – CATV) to four (4) floors that each had a 200' x 500' footprint (100,000 square feet per floor). This project had over 6,800 light fixtures. The main building is a four-story 400,000 square foot pre-cast structure on a 29 acre site.

The site has a network of power and communication manholes and raceways that report back to the main building. The site has two (2) entrances (North & South), and each entrance has guard and over-watch buildings as well as visitor entrance facilities.


Algiers, Louisiana

Project Type
New Construction

Mathes-Brierre & Gulf Coast Architectural

General Contractor
Carl E Woodward


Contract Type
Design Assist